Landfill Fire Smoke Exposure - Hay River

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Hay River 11 March 2019 – The Chief Public Health Officer has issued a precautionary public health advisory in Hay River as smoke from the Hay River landfill fire could cause poor air quality. The individual level of exposure may change due to wind direction and weather conditions, but is also influenced by the level of physical activity and age.

Children, pregnant women, seniors and those with pre-existing health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, lung or heart conditions are most at risk.

You can reduce your risk to exposure by avoiding strenuous outdoor activities and by staying indoors with windows and doors closed.

Anyone experiencing a worsening of symptoms such as wheezing, chest discomfort, or shortness of breath should seek an assessment at the health centre without delay.

You can find additional information on the health effects of smoke at:

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For more information contact:

Umesh Sutendra
Health and Social Service
(867) 767-9052 ext 49036