Senior Citizen’s Month

Senior Citizen’s Month

Senior Citizen’s Month is an annual event that provides an opportunity to celebrate the valuable contributions that seniors make to improve the quality of life in the NWT. The objectives of the month are to:

  • Recognize, honor and respect older citizens in the NWT;
  • Promote opportunities for all generations to learn together and from each other;
  • Encourage mutual respect for older adults among families and within the community; and
  • Encourage and promote partnerships and collaborative approaches to addressing issues that are of concern to older adults at the community and territorial levels.

What you can do to recognize Senior’s Citizen’s Month

  • Story Time – Create opportunities for older adults and children to read together.
  • Creating Family Trees – Kids can learn from their grandparents and other older adults in their community about their heritage, ancestry and how they are connected to each other and their community.
  • Making Traditional Food – Create opportunities for older adults to teach youth and other community members how to prepare traditional foods in the community.
  • On the Trail – Organize a walk in the bush for elders to share their knowledge and discuss traditional uses and harvesting methods of plants and animals.
  • Learn & Teach a Language – Organize lessons for intergenerational tutoring where kids and youth can speak in Indigenous languages.

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