Addictions Recovery Survey – Have Your Say

What is this survey about?

This survey is exploring peoples’ experiences with all available NWT addictions recovery supports/services. This includes types of services/supports that residents accessed; any challenges or barriers in accessing them; what worked; and what needs to be strengthened.

Results from the survey will help us meet the Government of Northwest Territories mandate for supporting the health and well-being of residents by strengthening peer support and increasing the number and variety of culturally-respectful, community based mental health and addictions programs, including aftercare.

The survey is the first approach to engagement around addictions recovery, and its results will inform future additional engagement activities such as targeted focus groups.

How do I participate?

You can participate until March 31, by:

How can my contribution make a difference?

Your feedback will help inform the development of a Territorial level report to be used in the continuous quality improvement of the mental wellness and addictions recovery system, including the need for an NWT treatment facility and a Territorial Alcohol Strategy.

Where can I find results?

  • We will post a “What We Heard” report after.

Who can I contact for information or help in completing the survey?

Mental Wellness and Addictions Recovery
867-767-9061, ext 49160