Building Stronger Families

Building Stronger Families – An Action Plan to Transform Child and Family Services was released in October 2014 to help guide activities to improve the quality in the delivery of child and family services.

The Action Plan outlines three overarching goals:

  1. Increasing accountability between Health and Social Services Authorities and the Department.
  2. Improving service delivery.
  3. Better assisting children and families.

The Plan also identifies three significant areas of reform:

  1. Changes to service delivery and child protection practices.
  2. Risk management and quality assurance.
  3. Improve program administration and management.

The Action Plan calls for a fundamental shift in how child and family services are delivered in the NWT. Transformational changes are needed so that we can achieve better outcomes for children and their families when they require services under the Child and Family Services Act.

Work Done To Date:

  • Chief Executive Officers of authorities have been appointed and trained as Assistant Directors under the Child and Family Services Act.
  • Audit tools and process have been re-designed creating regional audit teams and a schedule for annual compliance audits of all authorities has been developed.
  • To support case management in child protection and preventions services, we have begun implementing Structured Decision Making ® tools (internationally recognized best practices). These tools were adapted to be responsive to the cultural context of the NWT.
  • The Child and Family Services Standards and Procedures Manual has been completely revised to improve and enhance the child and family services system, and to reflect the changes to the Child and Family Services Act and implemented across with NWT with training provided to all authorities. The Manual is being updated on a continuous basis for ongoing quality improvement.
  • New training programs for both Child Protection Workers and Supervisors are being developed and implemented including an emphasis on culture, family preservation and support. Training is part of a continued commitment to quality improvement.
  • Reports of the Director of Child and Family Services are released annually. These reports provide a summary of child protection and services data.
  • A new information management system, Matrix was introduced in October 2017. We will continue to update and release better versions.


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