Drop the Pop

Drop the Pop NWT

Drop the Pop Showcase of Ideas

All schools are encouraged to apply for Drop the Pop funding.  Teachers should consider planning classroom or school-wide activities, or host community-wide relevant nutrition-related events and programs that highlight the importance of healthy beverages.

Here are ideas from NWT teachers:

  • Join the “Drop the Pop Family Challenge.” Use resources from BC Sip Smart.
  • Trigger curiosity (inquiry-based learning). Encourage students to formulate questions and investigate the effects of sugar-sweetened beverages on health or find creative ways to reduce the consumption of sugar.
  • Host a “Drop the Pop” fair to highlight student research on water and healthy beverages. This may be held in conjunction to family fun nights at your school.
  • Explore water stewardship in the NWT: https://www.lovenwtwater.ca/
  • Schedule field trips to water treatment facility.
  • Invite Elders into the classroom to tell stories about the importance of water.
  • Use a student leadership team approach to organize school-wide nutrition-related activities related to healthy beverages.
  • Partner with another community organization such as the recreation center, health center or grocery store to find ways to market healthy beverages.

From Paul William Kaesar High School, Fort Smith:

  • Adapted a Drop the Pop activity called "Thirst Quencher" as a post-apocalyptic scenario in which our water supply was compromised and was the catalyst for the spread of the zombie virus. Students had to research and compare the possible drinks that would be best for our survival if water wasn't an option.
  • Students practiced persuasive writing on "Why we should have a water dispenser in every room?” as a topic.

From Joseph Burr Tyrell Elementary School, Fort Smith:

Inquiry-based learning - sample queries from the students

How much pop will rot my teeth?

How much sugar is there in pop?

What is pop made out of?

Who made pop? When was pop made?

Where is pop made?

Why is pop made of sugar?

Why is pop made?

How is pop made?

What if pop wasn’t made?

Is pop a good or bad invention?

I wonder how we can have strong bodies…

Will pop make you hyperactive?

I wonder if pop costs more than vegetables.

I wonder what would happen if you eat dry meat and don’t drink pop.

What if we drop the pop and eat fruit?

I wonder if sugar can make you crazy.

What should the store do about it? Should they say it is bad?

Is sugar in a food group?

Is it too sweet?

What makes it not healthy?