Drop the Pop

Drop the Pop NWT

2022-2023 Award Winners


All NWT schools that participate in Drop the Pop do a great job every year to encourage students to continue their commitment to reduce sugary beverages consumption. 13 schools were deserving of special recognition this year for their efforts. Some schools also promoted other activities to motivate their students to make healthy choices.  Here is a list of the winning schools and highlights of what they did to “Drop the Pop!”

Education Council/Authority

Activity Summary
Beaufort-Delta Divisional Education Council $3,000
Chief Julius School
  • Take-home education packages were provided to students about the effects of sugary drinks and the importance of water.

  • Teacher-led experiments on the effects of sugary drinks on teeth.

Chief Paul Niditchie School
  • Community-linked activities – Families documented the number of sugary drinks consumed in a month. Following this activity, prizes were awarded to contest winners, and a school feast/open house was hosted.
Commission Scolaire Francophone Territoires du Nord-Ouest $1,500
École Boréale
  • Student-led research on water quality. Classes held on making alternative beverages.  
Deh Cho Divisional Education Council $3,500
Charles Tetcho School
  • Student-led research and poster creation on the effects of pop on teeth. Dental hygienist session with students on the effect of sugary drinks on teeth. 
Charles Yohin School
  • Student inquiry project on the amount of sugar in processed foods and compared them to homemade foods.  Students made low-sugar alternatives to commonly consumed snacks and beverages.  
Deh Gáh School
  • Poster campaign to raise awareness of sugary drinks. A water bottle design contest was held. 
Líídlįį Kúę Elementary School
  • School continues with its policy of no sugary drinks.
  • Teacher-guided lessons on the negative effects of sugary drinks. School dental hygienists provided frequent reminders and hallway bulletin boards to promote decreased sugar intake.    
Sahtu Divisional Education Council $1,000
Æehtseo Ayha School
  • On-the-land activities were conducted – including fishing, meat cutting and making broths as alterative beverages.
Chief T'Selehye School
  • 'Drop the Pop' resources, videos, and presentations were provided to all students.
South Slave Divisional Education Council $2,000
Princess Alexandra School
  • Students pledged to ‘Drop the Pop’. A celebration was held for participating students, and they received healthy snacks and water.
  • Teacher-led education and displays created on the negative effects of pop.
Harry Camsell Elementary School
  • Students pledged to ‘Drop the Pop’ followed by a celebration with participating students.

Tłı̨chǫ Community Services Agency

Chief Jimmy Bruneau School
  • School garden project to promote eating vegetables and growing your own food.

Yellowknife Catholic Schools

Weledeh Catholic School
  • Student-led research on sugar-sweetened beverages and classes held on making alternative beverages with vegetables.