Drop the Pop

Drop the Pop NWT

2017-2018 Winners


All NWT schools that participated in Drop the Pop do a great job every year to encourage student to continue their commitment to reduce consumption of pop and other sugary beverages. Schools also promoted other activities to motivate their students to make healthy eating choices. This year, 14 schools are recognized for their efforts in engaging students in acquiring new knowledge and skills for choosing healthier food and beverages. Here is a list of the award winning schools and highlights of what they did to “Drop the Pop!”

District Education Authority

Activity Summary

Beaufort Delta Education Council

Moose Kerr School

Velma Illasiak, Principal

Drop the Pop took place over 4 days this year where each day comprised of a different activity. The students began the week by signing a pledge banner and participating in the “How is water important to you?” poster and writing contest.  The following day involved kindergarten to Grade 5 students attending a sugary drink and water importance information session hosted by a Community Health Representative. On the third day the students had an Elder visit their classrooms to share stories of how water is important to them and the difference between past and present uses of water.  On the last day all the students went to the gym for a celebration where there was water, fruit and vegetable trays and prizes were distributed to contest winners.

Helen Kalvak Elihakvik School

Richard McKinnon, Principal

The school was involved in various Drop the Pop activities between January and March that incorporated healthy eating behaviors, physical activity, and sustainability. The school provided morning and afternoon snacks, student lunches, new snacks to try (freeze-dried vegetables, fruits, barley, etc.) and had healthy cooking classes for the students in grades 6 to 12 with IRC liaisons and Elders. They also opened the gym in the morning and afternoon for students to participate in exercises/ games such as stretching, yoga, cardio, and the classrooms incorporated Brain Gym (movement breaks) into their daily routine. Community Health representatives also came in to discuss healthy food choices and a research team came in to talk about greenhouses and food sustainability.

Mangilaluk School

Krista Cudmore, Principal

The students participated in a Healthy Beverage Choice presentation that included demonstrations showing the difference between water and sugar-sweetened beverages. The students also received snacks and water bottles at the end of the presentation.

South Slave District Education Council

Chief Sunrise Education Centre
Hay River

Shawna Coleman, Principal

The school engaged in many activities to promote and educate the students about healthy eating and physical activity. A variety of smoothies were available every morning for breakfast as well as fruits and vegetables for each snack. The school also organized after-school cooking classes “Make your Favorite Meal Healthier” which were a big hit with the students.  A “Get Active Challenge – Students vs. Teachers” was created to encourage movement throughout the day and students received bags as prizes. Community Health Representatives also came to the school to give the Sugar Shocker presentation.  Participant names were entered in a draw for a blender and smoothie ingredients. 

Princess Alexandra School
Hay River

Carolyn Carroll, Principal

The school’s Drop the Pop challenge took place between February 26th and March 8th where the students were involved in various activities. The theme they chose was to introduce students to healthy eating habits, healthy beverage drinking, and daily physical activity. A school assembly was put on to launch the campaign and educate the students on the negative effects of pop. Healthy breakfast options and recess snacks were available to help the students excel in their classes and on Wednesday milk was available to promote strong bones. The school organized intramurals for the students during recess to promote physical activity. Students also gave healthy tips during school announcements.  At the end of the 2 weeks, prizes were awarded to students that had successfully dropped the pop and a school-wide Taco in a bag was provided to celebrate.

Diamond Jenness Secondary School
Hay River

Lynne Beck, Principal

The school encouraged students to help themselves to fruit baskets placed throughout the school and milk and yogurt in the kitchen. Water dispensers were installed and posters promoting healthy beverages were hung up in the classrooms.

Joseph Burr Tyrrell School
Fort Smith

Cora America, Principal

The students at Joseph Burr Tyrrell School had the opportunity to participate in a fun activity called “Chopped” where students were broken up into teams of five and provided with a bag of mystery ingredients. The student had 20 minutes to create a healthy snack and teams were judged by the other students based on taste, presentation and creativity. Prizes were awarded to the winning teams. The Junior-Kindergarten to Grade 3 students were provided with ingredients to make 2 healthy snacks (trail-mix and wraps) and all students received smoothies. The school also brought in a dietitian and dental therapist to visit each classroom and present healthy drinks and snacks.

Deh Cho Divisional Education Council

Charles Yohin School
Nahanni Butte

Lynn MacFadyen , Principal

The students of Charles Yohin School participated in many activities that increased their knowledge of sugar-sweetened beverages and shared this knowledge with the community. The students compared sweetened beverage labels to water, learned about diabetes, and set up displays demonstrating the benefits of healthy beverage choices. The school hosted 3 luncheons over a 2 week period with the community where they demonstrated their knowledge on healthy drinks, shared smoothies recipes and displayed sugar consumption rates in Canada on a chart. The students also created a “sugar belly” that represented the average amount of sugar consumed per year, which was a big hit amongst community members.

Yellowknife Catholic Schools

École Saint Patrick High School

Gillian Dawe-Taylor, Principal

The school provided fresh fruit every morning and afternoon for the entirety of the school year. The students in the food program received lessons pertaining to the sugar content of various beverages and foods using the beverage sugar kits. Staff members are noticing that the students are making healthy lunches from the Rock Café rather than going out to restaurants.

Ndilo District Education Authority

K'àlemì Dene School

Meagan Wowk, Principal

The School organized and hosted a community Family Fun Night where they served a healthy dinner with water and had games that aimed to educate people about the sugar content of beverages.

Yellowknife Education District No. 1

Young Offenders Facility

Dean MacInnis, Principal

The Young Offenders Facility worked together to create a Wild Game cookbook, learned about grocery list preparation, completed Healthy Items worksheets and learned about the sugar content of common everyday foods. Local Elders and hunters also came in to give presentations. 

NJ Macpherson School

Shirley Zouboules, Principal

Ecology North was invited to speak to the students about NWT drinking water and water conservation. They also purchased reusable water bottles for all students and ensured that their 3 portable classrooms had large refill water bottles. 

Commission Scolaire

Ecole Allain St-Cyr

Genevieve Charron, Principal

École Allain St-Cyr organised many activities for the Lachez les Gaz (Drop the Pop) month (April) where students would be encouraged to develop healthy habits. The school worked with the older students to be good role models for the younger students by having them create TV commercial video clips that encouraged the younger students to adopt good lifestyle habits such as eating well, playing sports and drinking plenty of water. Prizes would be awarded to the video clip based on quality and originality. A popsicle competition also took place where each classroom developed an original smoothie popsicle recipe and prizes would be awarded to participants. Three Ninja blenders were purchased to encourage teachers to have more healthy eating activities. Students got to choose between a t-shirt, toque or neck warmer with the school and Drop the Pop logo on it.

École Boreale
Hay River

Richard Letourneau, Principal
École Boreale participated in many activities throughout the month of March and April. The school bought 3 smoothie blenders, 1 each for the elementary, junior high, and high school. The students were given the freedom to make their own smoothies from the ingredients provided and the recipe books. The students were also put in a draw for the cookbooks. A dentist was invited to speak about the correlation between sugar intake and dental health, as well as general oral hygiene. A dietitian was also invited to speak to the students about health and the effects of sugar on health. Water bottles were also purchased to promote healthy drinking during field trips.