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Drop the Pop NWT

2018-2019 Winners

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All NWT schools that participate in Drop the Pop do a great job every year to encourage students to continue their commitment to reduce sugary beverages consumption. 16 schools were deserving of recognition this year for their efforts. Some schools also promoted other activities to motivate their students to make healthy choices.  Here is a list of the winning schools and highlights of what they did to “Drop the Pop!”

District Education Authority

Activity Summary

Beaufort Delta Education Council

Chief Julius School
Fort McPherson

Shirley Snowshoe-Peterson, Principal


  • An educational fun night was held for parents, students and community members where there was a Drop the Pop bulletin board with information, healthy snacks, prizes, and games to promote healthy lifestyles.
  • A public health worker came into each class and did a presentation on the amount of sugar in pop, and the effects of too much sugar in your diet.
  • Students worked in groups to create posters that were then hung on the walls of the school. Healthy prizes were awarded (toothbrushes, toothpaste, Yop, cheese and fruit).
  • Groups of students made smoothies by following recipes.
  • A sugar display showed the amount of sugar found in  several different types of drinks including: milk, Chocolate milk, Coke, Sunny D, Gatorade and Cappuccinos

Chief Paul Niditchie School

Sonia Gregory, Principal

  • Throughout the month of October, students and families were tasked to keep track of the money they were saving by not buying pop. At the end of the month, a community Drop the Pop fair was held at the school gymnasium where they calculated how much the community saved as a whole ($1918). This was also the first time the community did not sell out of Pop during their isolation period between October and November.
  • Students participated in teeth cleaning lessons and blood sugar testing with the CHR.
  • Students learned about healthy drinks during sports and activities and participated in smoothie making.

Helen Kalvak Elihakvik School

Richard McKinnon, Principal


  • Students received a presentation on healthy foods and nutrition from a nurse.
  • Students made Drop the Pop posters.
  • Students made dried vegetables and fruit and barely soup during a healthy alternative cooking class.
  • Elders taught students how to make traditional foods in the kitchen.
  • Students participate in a water drinking challenge.

Moose Kerr School

Vivian Wirth, Principal

  • A dietitian gave an interactive "sugar shocker" demo and discussion of traditional foods.
  • A dentist came and gave a lesson on how cavities are formed.
  • Students participated in a Drop the Pop poster contest
  • An elder did storytelling about life on the land before pop, juice and diabetes.
  • A community engagement raffle was held to encourage the community to join Drop the Pop.
  • The school had a closing ceremony to celebrate success with a trivia game and healthy snacks.
Sahtu Divisional Education Council

Chief Albert Wright School

Spencer Dean Bernard, Principal


  • Grade 8-9 students made Drop the Pop posters.
  • Students presented their research on why sugary drinks are bad for their health, and how much sugar is in common drinks.
  • Students were given a water bottle when they pledged that they would Drop the Pop.

South Slave District Education Council

Chief Sunrise Education Centre
Hay River

Shawna Coleman, Principal


  • The school participated in a “What will grow?” activity where students planted either fruit or vegetable seeds.
  • The Community Health Representative gave a sugar presentation.
  • Students were able to try a variety of smoothies at breakfast.

Deninu School
Fort Resolution

Lynette De Maries, Principal


  • Each class made a healthy snack, sugar free drink (lemon water, Labrador tea, etc.), and participated in physical activities.
  • A community health worker gave presentations on the effects of sugar and causing chronic diseases.
  • Parents were given the opportunity to Drop the Pop with their children.
  • A school assembly was held to acknowledge the students and parents who dropped the pop.
  • Gift cards and water bottles where given as incentives.

Joseph Burr Tyrrell School
Fort Smith

Cora America, Principal


The school hosted a “Wellness Wednesday” that included the following activities:

  • Physical activity
  • Healthy snacks
  • Educational experiments, such as showing the amount of sugar in juice and pop compared to water and the amount of exercise it would take to burn off the extra calories.

Lutsel K’e Dene School
Lutsel K ‘e

Vivian Harris

  • Students did projects on the effects of sugar on teeth and the body.
  • Students did projects on the amount of sugar in various types of drinks.
  • Smoothies were offered to students at snack
  • A dietitian worked with each class and did various activities.

Princess Alexandra School
Hay River

Carolyn Carroll, Principal


  • The school’s Drop the Pop challenge took place from January 15th – 25th where the students were involved in various activities that supported the common theme of “Healthy eating habits, healthy beverage drinking, and daily physical activity”.
  • Drop the Pop was launched at a school assembly where students were educated on the negative effects of drinking pop and grade 5 students sang a song on healthy eating and drinking. Fresh fruit was provided.
  • The school hung a Drop the Pop display and sugary drink comparison chart.
  • Students were sent home with information sheets regarding sugar content of common drinks.
  • Healthy food and beverages were available to all students:
    • Oatmeal, toast, fresh fruit in the canteen daily
    • Milk every Wednesday
    • Fruit, yogurt, and granola bars after morning recess
  • Students were able to provide healthy eating and living tips over morning announcements.
  • Prizes were awarded to students who successfully dropped the pop during the challenge.
  • School had asked parents to keep track of the money that was saved during the drop the pop challenge.
  • The challenge ended by having a taco in a bag lunch with students and families.

Deh Cho Divisional Education Council

Charles Yohin School
Nahanni Butte

Steven and Lynn MacFadyen, Principal


  • Students compared calories and sugar content on a variety of beverages.
  • Students displayed their knowledge on the benefits of healthy drinks by sharing smoothie recipes with community members at three local community luncheons over a two-week period.
  • Students were given information about diabetes from the local CHR and HSSA government health promotion websites.
  • Students formulated questions and investigated the journey of a water droplet by studying the water cycle.
  • Elders were invited to the classroom to tell stories about the importance of water to the people of Nahanni Butte, the process of getting water when one lived full-time on the land during the winter and summer, and how the people respected water.
  • Prizes of healthy beverages and food were drawn at the event by Elders.
  • The school conducted a healthy beverage survey.

Echo-Dene School
Fort Liard

Patrick Phillips

  • Student sugary drink intake was surveyed by teachers by recording the number of drinks over a period of 1 week (results showed students were consuming 1-1.5 sugary drinks/day).
  • The school then implemented a strategy to educate students about the ill health effects of sugary drinks.
  • The school offered smoothies for one week and asked the students to reflect on how it tasted and how they felt.

Łı́ı́dlı̨ı̨ Kų́ę́ Regional High School
Fort Simpson

John Forbes, Principal

  • Students researched healthy eating and drinking choices and presented their findings during weekly school assembly.
  • The school purchased two water bottle filling stations.
  • Water bottles were purchased for all students.
Yellowknife District Education Authority

Young Offenders Facility

Dean MacInnis, Principal


  • Students participated in a “How much sugar is in your drink?” activity.
  • Students took part in a cooking program that taught them how to cook healthy meals and affordable shopping choices
  • Students researched meal and drink recipes online and made recipe books
  • An Aerogarden was purchased to grow herbs for meals and smoothies

Commission Scolaire

Ecole Allain St-Cyr

Sylvie Larose, Principal


  • The students went in other classrooms to promote healthy habits. They had a discussion with the class about the Drop the Pop program, they also gave out gift certificates to reward the excellent work.
  • Students had access to healthy drinks and snacks.
  • At a winter camp, the importance of staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water was discussed. Fruit trays were also brought.
  • Grade 5 and 6 students created posters to promote Drop the Pop and were posted in the school.
  • Water bottles and toques were offered as promotional items

École Boreale
Hay River

Richard Letourneau, Principal


  • The school had a daily breakfast program where fruits, fresh fruit juice, milk, and smoothies were provided.
  • Cooking lessons were held for students in grade 7-12. Elders & community members were invited to lead or assist to help students develop healthy cooking habits from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Students in grade 4 & 7 did research projects regarding eating & drinking habits as part of the new NWT health curriculum.
  • Elementary students were introduced to the new Canadian Food Guide, and experimented with healthy choices of food and drinks.
  • Ecology north held workshops for students grade 1-8 regarding waste reduction & the importance of drinking water from water fountains rather than disposable plastic bottles.
  • The school purchased water coolers for two of their high school classrooms, so that students have an easy access to water during class.