Drop the Pop

Drop the Pop NWT

2021-2022 Award Winners


All NWT schools that participate in Drop the Pop do a great job every year to encourage students to continue their commitment to reduce sugary beverages consumption. 16 schools were deserving of recognition this year for their efforts. Some schools also promoted other activities to motivate their students to make healthy choices.  Here is a list of the winning schools and highlights of what they did to “Drop the Pop!”

Education Council/Authority

Activity Summary

Deh Cho Divisional Education Council $5,000.00


Charles Yohin School

  • Investigation on healthy food and beverages.

Deh Gáh Elementary and Second School

  • Teacher-guided lessons on healthy choices and on a poster campaign to drop sugary beverages. Integrated Drop the Pop with health/science lessons.

Louie Norwegian School

  • Introduced new foods. Art creations on healthy foods/beverages.

Líídlįį Kúę Elementary School

  • Students calculated amount of sugar in beverages. Healthy food and beverages served.

Líídlįį Kúę Regional High School

  • In-class guest speakers on oral health and healthy beverages. Developed posters on healthy beverages.

Kakisa Lake School

  • Lessons on water including water cycle, traditional values, protecting water supply. Cooked and distributed meals to elders.

South Slave Divisional Education Council $4,000.00


Princess Alexandra School

  • School-wide drop pop challenge. Education tactics: posters. Linked physical activity with dropping sugary drinks.

Chief Sunrise Education Center

  • Guest teacher on video production. Video production on healthy beverages. Cultural activities involving water.

Harry Camsell Elementary School

  • Drop the Pop challenge. Teacher-guided education on healthy eating and beverage choices.

Tlicho Community Services Agency



Chief Jimmy Bruneau School

  • Made drinkable meals. Teacher-led lessons on food/nutrition.

Yellowknife Catholic Schools



Ecole St. Joseph School

  • Promoted “Drink NWT Water.” Sugar Shocker display. Researched impact of plastic water bottles on the environment.

Yellowknife Education District #1



Young Offenders Unit


  • Students participated in nutrition education activities such as reading labels to make smart food choices while shopping, and created recipes for drinkable meals.

William McDonald School

  • Teacher-guided education on water and healthy beverages.

Sahtu Divisional Education Council



Mackenzie Mountain School

  • Community-linked activities - promoting healthy beverages at hockey games.

Æehtseo Ayha School

  • Teacher-guided discussions on healthy food and beverage choices.