NWT Quitline Process

The NWT Quitline is a free 24 hours / 7 days a week confidential help line for smokers who want to quit.

The NWT Quitline is staffed by cessation counsellors who are specifically trained to help people quit smoking. Known as Care Coaches, they are registered health professionals with additional certificates in addictions, tobacco cessation and other related counselling training.

Care Coaches use a client centred approach that helps smokers to explore and resolve things that are getting in the way of quitting. Coaches work with clients where they are at and help them take the necessary steps to make behaviour change.

The line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week in both French and English, but a caller can request the services of a translator for any of the official NWT languages and many other languages as well. This involves having a third party on line during counselling calls.

 An important feature of the NWT Quitline is the personal call-back option that is based on the quitter’s needs. A caller can receive up to five calls from a Care Coach to support their own quitting process at times that are convenient for them. After the initial call, the coach will work with the smoker to establish a quit plan, resolve practical problems and prevent relapse. They will also give support and reinforcement for the caller’s quitting goals. Panic calls – when the temptation becomes too great – are also accepted.

With their patient’s consent, a health care provider can initiate the referral process to the Quitline. The first call to the smoker will then be made by a Quitline coach at a time convenient for the smoker.