Marriage Information


Marriage License

Most people in the NWT will need to apply for a marriage license.  You can have a registration form completed by a Marriage License Issuer.

Where do I apply for a marriage license? 

Marriage licenses are available from the Health Services Administration Unit of the Department of Health and Social Services in Inuvik, NT. You may also obtain a marriage license from a Marriage License Issuer, located in many Northern communities.

There is currently a $65 fee for issuing a marriage license.  Please confirm that the fee is the same when you call.

In most cases you will have to make an appointment with the Marriage License Issuer.

What documentation do I need to provide?

Both people planning on getting married must attend the appointment with the Marriage License Issuer.  You will need to provide the following documents or information:

  • birth certificate;
  • full names for both sets of parents (including mothers' maiden names);
  • place of birth for both sets of parents;
  • immigration documents (if applicable);
  • divorce certificate(s) or decree(s) — a decree absolute or certificate is required if either person has been divorced as no other divorce documents are acceptable; and
  • death certificate(s) (if either person has been widowed).

After you are married 

Once you have been married, the person who officiated the ceremony will send the completed marriage registration form to the Department's Health Service Administrative Unit in Inuvik.

After the marriage registration form has been received by the Department, you may apply for a marriage certificate. You will need a marriage certificate if you are planning to change your surname to that of your spouse or to use a hyphenated surname.

A copy of your marriage certificate may also be required to change your name on other documents, such as:

  • credit cards;
  • driver's license;
  • social insurance card;
  • bank documents; and
  • insurance forms.