Patient / Client Relations

If you have a concern or complaint about health or social service that you or a family member received, we encourage you to:


Contact your local health or social services provider if you need help with your medical or social services concerns.

The community health or social services provider(s) should be given the first opportunity to provide information and resolve concerns.


If you still feel the issue is not resolved or you want to speak to someone else, contact the Health and Social Services Authority Patient Representative.

NOTE: Up to this point in the process, your personal information is only seen by those entrusted with their health or social services care. This is the ideal situation for solving issues within the health and social services system.


If you still have a concern, you should contact the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your Health and Social Services Authority or the HSS System Navigator. In some situations, the Patient Representative may have already referred your matter to the CEO and could confirm this with you. The HSS System Navigator, with written consent, can work with you to provide guidance for HSS processes to resolve a concern.

For more information accessing services provided by the NWT health and social services system, or wanting to talk to someone about the care you received at an NWT health or social services facility see:

For more information on sending complaints to a regulated health or social services provider, please see: