Patient / Client Relations

Patient Representatives

Patient representatives are here to ensure that patients and their families have a voice to raise their concerns or complaints about health and social services they have received.



Phone Number

Quality Risk Manager – North NTHSSA – Beaufort Delta and Sahtu Regions

867-678-8088 ext 55520

Quality Risk Manager – South

NTHSSA – Fort Smith and Dehcho Regions


Quality Risk Manager – Stanton Territorial Hospital

NTHSSA – Stanton Territorial Hospital

867-767-9388 ext 46807
Quality Risk Manager – Yellowknife Region

NTHSSA – Yellowknife Region

867-767-9106 ext. 40082

Manager, Quality and Risk Management

Hay River Health and Social Services Authority


Manager, Quality  and Risk Management

Tłı̨chǫ Community Services Agency

867-392-3000 ext. 3003