Patient Experience Questionnaire – Have Your Say

What is this engagement about?

The Department of Health and Social Services is asking NWT residents to complete the 2019 Patient Experience Questionnaire. The results from the questionnaire are used to measure the effectiveness of the health care system in meeting the needs of patients accessing services in the territory.

How do I participate?

You can participate in the 2019 Patient Experience Questionnaire before March 25th, 2019, by:

  • Completing the Questionnaire online:
  • Completing the Questionnaire at home and mailing it in with the pre-paid envelope. Paper copies will be provided during your appointment.
  • Completing the Questionnaire at your local health care facility and placing the sealed envelope in the questionnaire drop-box.

How can my contribution make a difference?

  • Your voice matters! Patient feedback helps us improve the quality of care delivery and identify areas where we are doing well and areas that need improvement
  • Your experience matters! Patient feedback from all regions and from those accessing a variety of services helps us build a stronger understanding of what people think of different types of healthcare services in different facilities, identifying those areas where we need to focus on improvement.

Where can I find related information?

Where can I find results?

  • A report of the results of the Patient Experience Questionnaire will be tabled in the legislative assembly by the Minister of Health and Social Services, and made available online through the department’s website.

Who can I contact for information?

Corporate Planning, Reporting, and Evaluation
867-767-9053, ext. 49060.