NWT HealthNet

NWT HealthNet

HealthNet Viewer

NWT HealthNet viewer is the name for a secure and confidential electronic system that combines a patient’s health information into a lifetime record of key health history. Currently the HealthNet Viewer contains the following information:

  • Your NWT Laboratory test results
  • Your NWT Diagnostic Imaging results
  • Other key medical and specialist reports.
  • In-patient and out-patient information.

How do you benefit?

Your health care provider has your current NWT key medical information, which:

  • Allows for better treatment decisions.
  • Reduces delays in treatment.
  • Reduces duplication of tests.
  • Allows easier retrieval of previous exams/tests for comparison.
  • Provides quicker access to information to assist with treatment planning and care in your home community.

Making your information available to the right health care provider at the right time supports best care decisions, better health outcomes, and promotes a better future.