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Promote, protect, and provide for the health and well-being of the people of the NWT.


Health is a complete state of physical, mental, social and emotional well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Please click on the read more link to learn more about the health programs and services offered by the Department.

Social Services

Social Services encourage healthy choices, support mental wellness, protect children and others at risk, and help families and communities to increase wellness.Please click on the read more link to learn more about the social services programs offered by the Department.
NWT Health and Social Services 2013/2014 Annual Report

This report outlines the Department of Health and Social Services’ progress in achieving its goals and objectives in the delivery of high quality, patient-centered care to residents of the NWT.

The Department invests across a wide spectrum of programs and services aligned with the Department’s mandate to provide high quality health and social services that support our vision, mission and goals. This Annual Report highlights milestones the Department has achieved towards fulfilling commitments within the strategic plan.

NWT Patient Experience with Healthcare Services Report 2014
The 2014 NWT Patient Experience with Healthcare Services Report highlights the findings of questionnaires completed by people using healthcare services in the NWT during July and August of 2014.  The questionnaires gathered feedback from clients on general healthcare services, healthcare providers, treatment/procedures, access to services, preventative health, and overall satisfaction.

Some results of the questionnaire included:

Healthy Choices Fund
The Healthy Choices Fund supports eligible applicants that maximize the impact of health promotion and prevention activities that support individuals, families, and communities to make positive lifestyle choices in the Northwest Territories.
GNWT Anti-Poverty Fund
The GNWT Anti-Poverty Fund allows territorial stakeholders to work with the Government of the Northwest Territories in order to generate tangible, concrete actions that have a positive impact on efforts to reduce and eliminate poverty in the NWT.
Safety Matters: Open Letter to Residents of the NWT

I want to respond to public discussion about the issue of violent behaviour by patients or visitors at Stanton Territorial Hospital recently. Much of this discussion is based on misunderstanding or incomplete information, and it is time to set the record straight:

Health Care Card Renewal

Check the bottom right hand corner of your health care card for expiry date.

You are responsible for renewing your health care card. Renewal can be completed four months in advance of the expiry date.

North Slavey

Professional Licensing

The Office of the Registrar, Professional Licensing is responsible for ensuring that the licensing of health professionals is carried out in accordance with legislation and best practices.

Vital Statistics

Here you will find information to help you register and order certificates for vital events, such as a birth, death, marriage, or legal changes of name.