On the Land Healing

On the Land Healing

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Thu, 02/06/2020 - 13:17

The GNWT is trying to provide a variety of supports and tools to help people start on their path towards healing and wellness. The 2013, the 12-member team of the Minister’s Forum on Addictions and Mental Health travelled across the NWT to hear what people had to say about mental health and addiction issues.

What was commonly heard from the people is that the land heals, and people provided the Forum with many success stories. The first recommendation from the Forum was:

  • Support community-based and operated on-the-land programs that have clear community-stated goals and outcomes to treat addictions.

The GNWT has established the On the Land Healing Contribution Fund that NWT Aboriginal Governments and Non-government organizations can access to support healing and promoting mental wellness.

Are you an organization seeking funding towards operating On the Land Healing Programs?

For applying, ideas and information on what others are doing please contact onthelandfund@gov.nt.ca.