Quality Improvement Plan (Child and Family Services)

The Quality Improvement Plan was released in July 2019 to show how we are addressing the issues identified through internal audits, the 2018 Auditor General of Canada’s report, and recommendations from Indigenous Governments, Child and Family Services Staff, Foster Family Coalition of the NWT, and key stakeholders. Ultimately, all of these efforts must result in improved outcomes for children, youth, and families.

This plan has been refined based on stakeholder feedback received over the past few months. This feedback helps to ensure that we are moving in the right direction to improve the quality of Child and Family Services in order for children, youth and families to achieve better outcomes. Therefore, the Department and Authorities will continue to work closely with existing and new partners, Indigenous Governments, all of our staff, and those accessing our services, to ensure that we remain on the right track towards improving the Child and Family Services system. The Quality Improvement Plan will change over time as actions are completed and new actions are identified as needing focused attention to be addressed.

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