Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Test in Fort Smith

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No outstanding contacts in the NWT. No public risk identified.  


YELLOWKNIFE 11 November 2020 – A positive COVID-19 test has been confirmed in Fort Smith.

The case is related to travel outside of the territory. The individual, along with household contacts, are all appropriately isolated.

There has been no risk identified to the community as appropriate self-isolation procedures were followed by members of the household after travel.

There are no outstanding contacts within the NWT.

The household is being monitored and public health is providing necessary supports.

No further details will be provided to protect privacy.

Importance of self-isolation

This is a good reminder of the real difference we can all make by being responsible self-isolators when we return from travel.

It is the single-best tool we can use to prevent cases from becoming outbreaks, and prevent public risks for exposure.  

The best way to make sure people are willing to make the sacrifice and self-isolate upon return from travel is to open our arms and support each other. Some good ways to support each other are: 

  • Checking in on friends and family who are self-isolating by phone or video chat
  • Offering to deliver food or supplies to people’s door steps
  • Showing your appreciation on social media


All commentary is attributable to Dr. Kami Kandola, Chief Public Health Officer.

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