COVID-19 Outbreak Declared at Gahcho Kué Winter Road Site

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Testing identifies additional individual with confirmed COVID-19. Outbreak declared.


YELLOWKNIFE January 28, 2021 – Ongoing investigation has identified a second individual with COVID-19 at the Gahcho Kué satellite winter road worksite.

That brings the total number of individuals at the worksite with COVID-19 to two.

Both are doing well.

Context for outbreak declaration

The NWT defines an outbreak in a closed facility -- which includes remote camps -- as one or more confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 where infection is acquired within the facility.

Public Health determines there is a high probability that transmission occurred at the worksite. The winter road camp is located more than 40 km away from the Gahcho Kué mine and camp workers have not had any contact with the mine.


This additional diagnosis was identified by testing everyone at the worksite.

Many risk mitigation measures were in place at the site to limit transmission. There is a high likelihood these measures prevented infections on site.

All individuals at the site are assessed as contacts of COVID-19.

Actions being taken

All contacts are currently isolating.

Public Health, in collaboration with the team onsite, is organizing further assessment and isolation of workers to prevent and detect any further transmission.

Transportation is being arranged off-site to safe isolation spaces using all necessary precautions.

The company is working with public health to mitigate risk for incoming crew members and this includes completing a deep environmental cleaning of the site before staff changeover.

Routine monitoring and follow-up will continue with all known cases and contacts and with the incoming crew.

Public risk

There have been no risks to NWT communities identified. The case and contact investigation will continue.


All commentary is attributable to Dr. Kami Kandola, Chief Public Health Officer for the Northwest Territories.

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