MRSA on the Rise in the NWT

YELLOWKNIFE (October 3, 2012) – The presence of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), commonly known as “superbugs”, continues to be a concern in the Northwest Territories (NWT). 

Rates of MRSA infection are currently highest in the Tli Cho and Beaufort Delta regions. The greatest increase in numbers has been found in the 0-4 age group, which is particularly worrisome given the greater susceptibility of infants to more severe infections. 

“We are seeing the emergence of an aggressive variant of community-acquired MRSA” said Dr. André Corriveau, chief public health officer. “Cuts and other skin breaks should be promptly cleaned and disinfected, and people should consult with a health care provider early if there is any sign of infection.” “To limit the spread of these organisms, it is also important for people to take precautions such as frequent hand washing, avoiding sharing of face cloths and towels, laundering of potentially contaminated clothes and bed sheets,” said Corriveau.

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