Presumptive Positive COVID-19 Test in Inuvik

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No risk to the public


YELLOWKNIFE 27 October 2020 – A presumptive positive test for COVID-19 has been received in Inuvik.

The case is related to the earlier Inuvik COVID-19 case and is therefore related to travel.

Public health has determined there is no risk to the public as the individual has been self-isolating appropriately since returning from travel.

The individual is being monitored by public health officials and is doing fine.

While the test will be validated at Stanton Territorial Hospital in Yellowknife, contact tracing has already been completed with none outstanding.

Recalled public health advisory

Our office recalled a public health advisory today which was distributed in-error. It was distributed after being prepared in anticipation of an imminent confirmatory result, and an internal communication breakdown resulted in it being approved for distribution.

We are committed to doing right by residents of the Northwest Territories by providing timely, clear, and accurate communications. In this instance, we failed.

We deeply apologize for the confusion this has caused.

Like any error, we will take it as an opportunity to learn.

Our office is already taking steps to tighten up communication protocols to ensure this kind of error does not happen again.

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