Travel Insurance

Pack Travel Insurance Every Time You Travel

If you require medical care while traveling outside of Canada, your NWT Health Insurance may only cover a portion of your health care costs. Services received outside of Canada will be reimbursed at NWT rates. You are responsible for any additional costs.

It is recommended that you get travel insurance when travelling outside of the NWT to cover you for the duration of your trip.

Travelling within Canada

Remember to always carry your health care card, especially when you plan on travelling to another Canadian province or territory. In the event you require hospital or physician services while travelling, you may be asked to show your card before you receive these services.

The NWT has an agreement with Canadian provinces and territories to have doctor visits and hospital care for medically required services to be billed directly to the Department of Health and Social Services. In most cases you rarely see the bill. However, you may be required to pay up front for doctor services provided in Quebec. Some doctors in other provinces/territories may also request payment up front for services provided. If you do have to pay up front, you can apply for reimbursement.

However, there are medical expenses that are not covered by the NWT Health Care Plan. The plan does not cover air and ground ambulance and any related costs in the event that you are in an accident or become ill while travelling outside the NWT.

Before you travel…

Find out what the NWT Health Care Plan covers. Read the brochures:

If you are not sure what is covered, please call Health Services Administration Office at 1-800-661-0830 or email

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When planning on visiting other countries, learn more about travel health risks so that you can protect yourself and your family while travelling internationally.