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Rules for Choosing a Surname

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Mon, 12/17/2018 - 08:18

One of the first important decisions in your new baby’s life is choosing a name!

There are several options for choosing a surname (last name) for your child.

Your baby can be registered with:

  • the mother’s surname;
  • the father’s surname;
  • the other parent’s surname;
  • or a combination of the mother’s and father’s or other parent’s surnames (names may be combined with or without the use of a hyphen).

If parents agree, they can also choose an entirely different surname for their child that is not the same as the parents’.

If the father or other parent is not available to sign the Birth Registration Statement at the time of birth, the father or other parent’s details cannot be included in the father or other parent section. In these situations, the Vital Statistics Office will send a letter and statutory declaration to be signed by both parents in order to add the details at a later date. 

Please note:  There is no charge to add this information if it is received within 60 days of birth.