Gahcho Kue Diamond Mine Records Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Test

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Past COVID-19 Advisories

Investigation underway


YELLOWKNIFE 23 October 2020 – A positive COVID-19 test has been confirmed at Gahcho Kue Diamond Mine.

As a result of additional measures taken to retest all the group of workers, a positive result in a different individual was reported.

They had remained in isolation while waiting for the second round of testing. No additional exposures occurred during this interim period.

The individual who received a confirmed positive COVID-19 test is a Yellowknife resident.

Steps being taken

Public Health professionals are completing a thorough investigation to determine potential contacts that may have occurred within the past 14 days.

When additional information is available, the public will be updated.

What happened?

At this time, Gahcho Kue mine is conducting a review of their current sampling processes.

Public health appreciates Gahcho Kue Mine’s work to support this investigation and keep our community safe.

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