Memo: Public Health Enforcement Update

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YELLOWKNIFE 22 July 2020 – As the territory’s response to COVID-19 continues, enforcement of the Public Health Orders is ongoing to keep our communities safe.

The territory’s Compliance and Enforcement Taskforce has issued six Summary Offense Ticket Information charges for offenses under the Public Health Orders in recent weeks.

All charges are related to self-isolation and travel restriction violations – reflective of these measures’ integral importance to the territory’s response.


  • On June 25, a non-NWT resident was charged $1,725 for failing to self-isolate in a designated isolation hub.
  • On July 3, a non-NWT resident was charged $1,725 for travelling within the NWT without an exemption to the travel prohibition. The individual entered on foot through an unauthorized entry point.
  • On July 6, a NWT resident was charged $1,725 for failing to submit a Self-Isolation Plan upon return to the territory. The individual traveled multiple times between Alberta and the NWT and received warnings for not having submitted plans for trips prior to being ticketed.
  • On July 7, two NWT residents received charges of $1,725 for not filing Self-Isolation Plans after passing the gate on Highway 7 without permission.
  • On July 13, a NWT resident was charged $1,725 for failing to self-isolate.

Three charges were issued in the Dehcho region, two in the South Slave, and one in the North Slave.

A breakdown shows 3 tickets were issued to residents of the NWT and 3 tickets to non-NWT residents.

No further details on locations or names will be announced to prevent undue stigma and public-shaming due to the comparatively low number of charges.

While education, outreach, and warnings will always be our preferred method of gaining compliance, tickets and charges may be necessary to enforce the right behaviours.

Protecting Each Other

In a pandemic, it’s not just an individual or a friend being put at-risk due to non-compliance – it’s everyone.

Our territory’s largest risk for re-introducing COVID-19 in our communities is travel from areas outside the NWT.

Our best tool to prevent outbreaks is self-isolation for those returning.

Our best insurance – because no practice has flawless compliance -- is physical distancing for those over 12, limiting crowds, wearing non-medical masks if you can’t be physically distant, and being careful indoors.

Slip-ups and bad choices are a virus’ best friend – and when they happen, the virus can move quickly between people, and could wind up passing on to someone who would have a tough time.

So do your part: stick to the rules to keep your friends, your loved ones, and your communities safe.

If You Think Someone May Not Be Following The Rules

If you feel comfortable doing so, remind them politely that rules are in-place for a reason, and that we’re in this together.

If you don’t feel comfortable, call 1-833-378-8297 or email to file a complaint. Include as much information as possible in your complaint and we will investigate.