Positive Case Confirmed At Diavik Diamond Mine

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27 in isolation onsite – down from 35 after further investigation


YELLOWKNIFE 31 July 2020 – The presumptive positive case at Diavik Diamond Mine has been confirmed through validation at Alberta Precision Laboratories (ProvLab).

The individual remains self-isolated in a designated isolation area onsite and continues to show no symptoms.

35 people onsite were isolated out of an abundance of caution upon discovery of the presumptive case. Further investigation determined 8 could be safely released from isolation.

Diavik Diamond Mine has capacity to test with medical expertise onsite and will be in regular contact with public health officials as they undertake an enhanced testing program.

Diavik employees are being kept up-to-date and additional precautions are being taken onsite to avoid any possible contact with those who are isolated.

The Chief Public Health Officer has carefully assessed the situation and determined that there is no additional risk to remaining workers and all possible exposures have been effectively isolated.

Case reporting

Under Public Health Agency of Canada reporting standards, as the person lives in Alberta and tested presumptive positive upon arrival to NWT, they will be tallied in Alberta’s totals rather than the Northwest Territories’.

As a result, the NWT’s confirmed cases will remain at five in reporting on our website.

All prior cases in the NWT were residents of the territory.

There is never no risk

As the curve begins to inch upwards in other jurisdictions with some troubling new outbreaks, and as traffic grows with returning and new residents, workers, and students coming from areas with community transmission, the chance for reintroduction is also growing.

While every indication is that people generally are following the rules, compliance will never be 100% -- and when the rules aren’t followed, the virus can spread very quickly.

You have control

The difference smart precautions made in this case is a good reminder of the difference precautions in your day-to-day can make when COVID-19 presents itself in your communities.

Always remember: you can increase control over your risk by taking some basic precautions.

  • Follow all self-isolation rules – and encourage your friends to as well.
  • Keep two metres, about a white water kayak or ATV, apart whenever you can.
  • Follow the rules on getting together – and get out and enjoy the summer when you do, because outside is always best.
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds – and do it a lot!
  • Stay home and away from others if you’re not feeling well – even if it’s really mild.
  • Contact your local health centre to get assessed for testing – and stay away from others while you wait
  • Wear non-medical masks when you’re out and it’s tough to keep your distance.

If we all play our roles and do this together, we can keep the virus at-bay, and keep our communities safe.

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