Three Presumptive Positive COVID-19 Test Results in NWT

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No indication of community transmission.


YELLOWKNIFE (October 16, 2020) – Three individuals have received presumptive positive COVID-19 test results.

One test was received in Inuvik, while two others were received in Yellowknife. The test in Inuvik is unrelated to the two in Yellowknife, while the Yellowknife cases are related--one person traveled with subsequent transmission to a household member.


The individual started their travel in Alberta, traveled to Inuvik by road, and arrived on October 10.

The individual immediately isolated once they arrived at their final destination in accordance with the travel restrictions and self-isolation protocols. They are currently isolating safely at-home and doing well.

The initial assessment is that there were no potential contacts, though the investigation continues.

The risk of further transmission is considered to be very low at this time since precautions were taken.

Public health has determined there are no concerns for exposure along the route which was traveled at this time. 


These tests came late last night. The investigation is underway and further details will be made available later in the day.

Why Presumptive?

There have not yet been enough positive tests completed on the analyzers to be able to declare a case confirmed immediately yet.

Follow-up tests with our partner public health laboratory in Edmonton are therefore required for confirmation purposes.

As with any presumptive positive case, public health is investigating and managing these cases as though they were already confirmed.  

What’s Next?

The GNWT will update with new information on the investigation when we have the results for the follow-up tests.


All commentary is attributable to Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Delli-Pizzi.

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