Two New Cases of COVID-19 Confirmed in Northwest Territories

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YELLOWKNIFE 2 April 2020 – The Office of the Chief Public Health Officer (OCPHO) confirms two new cases of COVID-19 in the Northwest Territories.

These cases were confirmed in quick succession this evening. Once the OCPHO ensured patients were notified and facts were collected, work immediately began to advise the public.

One case is connected with international travel.

Thus far, our investigation determines the individual traveled back after a trip through Europe to Yellowknife on March 20 and voluntarily self-isolated.

The individual completed a self-isolation plan in compliance with the order by the NWT Chief Public Health Officer. They developed symptoms five days later and were tested soon after.

The individual is doing well and recovering at home. There is no indication hospitalization will be required.

Investigation of contacts is ongoing, but is expected to be minimal. This is because the individual did everything right by self-isolating immediately and limiting risk to others.

The other case is connected to travel elsewhere in Canada. This case is in a small community.

They returned to the territory on March 22, 2020 and returned to their community. They immediately self-isolated in their home and submitted a self-isolation plan. The manner by which they were able to return to a small community and not a designated isolation centre is being investigated.

The individual developed symptoms March 26. They have remained in self-isolation and continue to show symptoms. Public Health is working with the patient on next steps.

Investigation of contacts is ongoing, but is expected to be minimal. The individual has not had contact with others since returning to the territory.

Testing Note

Testing numbers will be updated in the morning when the latest data is received. Notification of positive tests is a priority outweighing the parsing of new data.

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