Healthy Choices Fund

Applying for the Healthy Choices Fund

Who can apply for the Healthy Choices Fund?

  • Organizations and agencies located in the Northwest Territories can apply for funding including:

  • Indigenous governments in the Northwest Territories recognized by the Department of Executive and Indigenous Affairs.
  • Community governing authorities (Band Council, Métis Local, Charter Community or municipal council).
  • Non-government, non-profit organizations incorporated under the NWT Societies Act. 
  • Health and Social Services Authorities.

How to apply for the Healthy Choices Fund?

  • To apply for the Healthy Choices Fund, you will need to complete and submit the Healthy Choices Fund Application Form.

Please Note: The Healthy Choices Fund is now closed. New application forms will be available in early 2023 for 2023-2024 projects.

Types and Scope of Projects

The Healthy Choices Fund will support projects that:

  • Build knowledge and skills, provide a service or strengthen community capacity.
  • Develop meaningful partnerships and collaborations with other organizations.
  • Apply an integrated approach to project delivery.

The scope of projects could include:

  • Creating and delivering an entirely new initiative.
  • Trying out a new idea as part of an existing service or program.
  • Strengthening or building on existing programming.

Forms and Required Documents

A. Completed Healthy Choices Fund Application Form.

Please Note: . New application forms will be available in early 2023 for 2023-2024 projects.

B. Other Required Documents:

  • Liability insurance with an expiry date after March of the calendar year.
  • Letter of good standing from Societies Registrar or Letter of Incorporation (if applicable).
  • 3 letters of support from organizations that state their understanding of the project and identify how they will support the project.
  • List of additional funding applied for/received for this project.

Available Fund Amount

  • Total available funds in 2022/23: $715,000
  • Minimum available per project is $10,000. Maximum funding available per project is $75,000
  • Limited funding available for Multi-Year Projects.

Eligible costs covered by the Healthy Choices Fund are:

  • Materials and Supplies including, but not limited to small kitchen appliances, cookware, food/groceries, books, supplies for sewing/crafts and resource development.
  • Equipment for food storage or preparation, injury prevention, and outdoor-based activities (tents, safety equipment).
  • Rentals for venue, for equipment.
  • Staff Expenses including but not limited to salaries, honoraria for volunteers and Elders, training and development expenses.
  • Transportation within the NWT for program participants, training and development.
  • Facilitator Fees and Expenses (including, but not limited to, travel and accommodation).
  • Administration Fee at 5% of project costs. Administration fees cover office expenses, paper supplies and other overhead.

Ineligible costs include:

  • Vehicle purchase
  • Capital projects exceeding $50,000 such as new construction, major renovation or alteration of facilities or other buildings that are intended for human occupancy or that involve site-servicing works (i.e., the installation of electrical, water and/or wastewater infrastructure). Traditional structures such as teepees, smoke houses and yurts may receive special consideration.

Contact this Service

Phone: 1-867-767-9064 extension 49244


Hours: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)

Sending the Completed Form…

Healthy Choices Program Coordinator
c/o Office of the Chief Public Health Officer

P.O. Box 1320
Yellowknife NT X1A 2L9
Department of Health and Social Services
Government of the Northwest Territories
Email to:

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