World Breastfeeding Week

Every year during the first week of October, caregivers, families and children gather around the world to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week.   Events, such as community celebrations, feasts, photo exhibits, crafts, parent resource fairs, and documentary screenings, occur in communities across the Northwest Territories. Community support for mothers and families is very important.  By protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding, we can contribute to the healthy growth and development of all children in the NWT in a big way.  

Even when mothers get off to a good start, sometimes in the weeks or months after delivery, there can be a drop-off in the number of women who continue to breastfeed.

Continued support to sustain breastfeeding can be provided in many ways. Traditionally, support is provided by family members. Support for mothers from a wider circle helps as well, whether it is provided by lactation consultants, community leaders, friends, elders, grandmothers, fathers and partners.

Peer Support Groups provide support for women and help families with questions about infant feeding and parenting. Members of peer support groups can be anyone interested in helping other mothers and caregivers.

The Government of the Northwest Territories encourages NWT communities to participate in the World Breastfeeding Week.

For more information, and to sign up for the Breastfeeding Challenge, visit the Quintessence Foundation website at

If you have questions related to hosting or participating in an event in your community, please contact us at: 867-767-9064 ext. 49242.