Condom Dispenser Program

The Northwest Territories has been experiencing a syphilis outbreak since 2018, including several cases of congenital syphilis (babies being born infected with syphilis).

Condoms and other barrier methods of birth control, such as dental dams, remain a fundamental cornerstone of safer sexual practices, and can significantly reduce the risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections spreading between sexual partners.

How can I get a dispenser?

Please contact with information about you and the building where you would like to put a dispenser. You can request as many dispensers as you think you can use.

How will the dispensers be re-stocked?

Dispensers will be re-stocked by GNWT employees or contractors, or condoms can be sent directly to you.

What else can I request?

You can request female condoms and dental dams in addition to the regular stock of condoms. We can also provide informational posters, documents, and videos about syphilis.

For more information about syphilis, click here.