Tick Borne Diseases

Ticks are found in many types of environments, but a certain species (blacklegged ticks) may carry the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease. In NWT, the risk of getting Lyme Disease is very small due to our short summer season and the type of ticks that are found here. Ticks normally found in NWT do not carry Lyme Disease, however, the departments of Health and Social Services and Environment and Natural Resources are monitoring for signs of ticks carrying the bacteria.

There is a higher risk of NWT residents contracting Lyme Disease from ticks while travelling in southern parts of Canada and other countries. It is a good practice to take steps to protect yourself from tick bites while travelling outside of the NWT.

The Government of Canada posts the latest information about Lyme Disease on their website:

Contact your local community health centre or public health unit if you have health questions.

Contact the Department of Environment and Natural Resources at (867) 767-9237 Ext. 53468 for questions about wildlife and ticks.

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