Senior Citizen’s Month

Seniors Month

June is Seniors Month, and it is an annual opportunity to celebrate the valuable contributions that seniors make to our families, communities, and territory. Seniors Month reminds us to:

  • Recognize and honour the diverse experiences, contributions, and wisdom of older NWT residents
  • Plan events and activities that strengthen social participation and connections in all life stages to enhance one’s health and well-being
  • Create inclusive opportunities for generations to learn together and from each other
  • Work together to address issues concerning seniors in the NWT
  • Demonstrate respect and kindness to seniors in our families, our communities, and the NWT

What you can do to celebrate Seniors Month

  • Visit a Senior – Connect and spend time with a senior in your community. Listen to them. Ask them what they’d like to do.
  • Get Outside and Be Active – Plan an outdoor activity with a senior such as gardening, a bush walk, birding, a picnic or cook-out, on-the land activities, and more.
  • Cook a Meal – Cook a meal and share it with a senior in your community. Learn how to prepare traditional foods from an elder or share favourite recipes.
  • Story Time – Create opportunities for seniors and children to read together or for older adults to share their experiences, adventures, and memories.
  • Learn & Teach a Language – Create opportunities to share and learn Indigenous and non-Indigenous languages between generations
  • Beading, Quilting, Woodworking, & Carving – Plan inclusive and accessible crafting workshops for younger and older persons in your community to come together, share knowledge, and create beautiful works of decorative art.
  • Cards, Board games, Cribbage, & Mahjong – Discover the joy of face-to-face board games, crib, mahjong, sudoku, chess, euchre, and puzzles with a senior in your community.
  • Kayak, Canoe, & Boat Restoration – Learn how to restore an old watercraft from a skilled older person in the community.
  • Drum, dance or try yoga – Offer regular age-friendly dance, yoga, drumming or tai chai for seniors as they combine exercise, fun, and connections.
  • Helpful Information – Distribute easy to read brochures and pin posters on highly visible community bulletin boards explaining the programs, services, performances, feasts, luncheons, and get-togethers for seniors in their area.