Accessing or Correcting Personal Health Information

Who can access or correct personal health information?

  • You have the right to access or correct your own personal health information.
  • You can access or correct the health information of another person if you have the authority to act on that person’s behalf. You may be:
    • a parent or guardian of a child who is not a mature minor;
    • a Guardian or a Trustee;
    • a power of attorney;
    • a person named in a personal directive;
    • a deceased person’s personal representative or estate executor;
    • a deceased person’s spouse;
    • a deceased person’s relative or an adult who had a close personal relationship with the person, including a friend;
    • a deceased person’s substitute decision maker identified in accordance with the Human Tissue Donation Act; or
    • anyone otherwise authorized in writing by the individual the information is about

How to access or correct personal health information?


  • Two (2) pieces of government issued valid ID. One ID must have your photo.


These forms are also available at hospitals, health clinics, and health centres.


  • If cost is under $100 there will be no fee.
  • There is no fee for a correction request.

Sending the Completed Form…

Submit completed form to the organization to whom you are making the request.

If you need help completing or are not sure where to send the form, please call the Office of Client Experience at 1-855-846-9601 for assistance.

Hours: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)

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