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COVID-19 Recommendations

COVID-19 Current Recommendations – Health and Social Services

COVID-19 Updates - NTHSSA(link is external)

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Government of Canada(link is external)


Vaccinations and Healthy Habits

NWT Immunization Schedule

Immunization / Vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccine - NTHSSA (link is external)

Healthy Respiratory Practices Poster

Handwashing Steps


Physical and Outdoor Activity

Physical Activity Tips for Adults (18-64 years)(link is external)

Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines(link is external)

Outdoor Play Canada(link is external)

Take a Family on the Land Program


Alcohol, Tobacco, and Substances

Tobacco Cessation Clinic(link is external)

My Tobacco Quit Plan

Health Effects of Tobacco

Alcohol(link is external)

Canada’s Low Risk Guidelines(link is external)

Health Effects of Cannabis

Substance use(link is external)


Healthy Eating and Staying Hydrated

Food and Nutrition

Drop the Pop NWT

Nutritional Food Fact Sheet Series

Make water your drink of choice(link is external)

Healthy food choices – Canada’s Food Guide(link is external)



Are Canadian adults getting enough sleep?(link is external)

Are Canadian children getting enough sleep?(link is external)

Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour and Sleep (PASS) Indicator(link is external)


Healthy Minds

Wellness Together Canada(link is external)

Stronger Minds by Beacon(link is external)

Mental Health Resources and Supports(link is external)

Mental health and wellness(link is external)


Oral Health

Oral Health Services - NTHSSA(link is external)

Oral Health Care in NWT

Oral health for adults(link is external)

Dental and oral health