Request electronic proof of vaccination

The GNWT is now issuing electronic Proof of Vaccination Credentials (PVC) to individuals aged 5 and older.

A self-service online form allows you to download your digital proof of vaccination.

You can use this government-issued credential to prove your COVID-19 vaccination status where required.

You will require a new credential:

  • If you have received additional doses of vaccination since you received your Proof of Vaccination Credential; or
  • If the format or period of validity of the credential changes due to evolving national or international standards.

Important: The vaccination information (wallet-sized) card that you received at the time of your appointment is not considered a proof of vaccination credential.

Proof of Vaccination Credentials (PVC) Frequently Asked Questions


About your Vaccination Credential

Your proof of vaccination credential was issued by the Government of Northwest Territories. It documents COVID-19 vaccinations administered to you in the Northwest Territories as of the date indicated on the credential. The format of the credential may change due to evolving national and international standards.

If you plan to travel internationally, you should check vaccination requirements for all planned destinations, as they may vary by jurisdiction. You may be required to get an updated Proof of Vaccination Credential to document future COVID-19 booster shots if and when they are available.

Your credential includes a barcode called a QR code containing a digitally signed copy of the information on the credential. Scanning the QR code lets a third party verify that the information on the credential is authentic.

This credential contains your personal health information and should be kept private unless you need to demonstrate your vaccination status.

Proof of Vaccination Credentials (PVC) Frequently Asked Questions


Before you apply, please review this information

Once you have accessed the online form, you will be asked to provide identifying information, including:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Health Care Card Number 
  • Date of your first NWT COVID-19 vaccination
  • Brand name of your first NWT COVID-19 vaccine

Once this information has been verified, you will be able to download your digital proof of vaccination. If you encounter any difficulties, you will receive a notification with further instruction. If you require assistance in navigating the form, please call 1-833-378-8297 for assistance.

If you are on a shared or public computer or device and you intend to print your Proof of Vaccine, please ensure you delete the file copy on the device to ensure nobody else has access to your personal health information.

Click on the following button to apply: