Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

NWT Drowning Prevention Action Plan

There are three components to the Drowning Prevention Action Plan:

Building Community Partnerships:

The Government of the Northwest Territories is building partnerships with recreation and aquatic organizations to help communities plan and deliver drowning prevention programs for their residents.

Education and Training:

NWT Water Smart is a training program for community workers and volunteers on learning skills to keep safe in, around and on open water. Over 25 communities have workers who have received Water Smart training. Features of the program include “Swim-to-Survive” techniques to prevent drowning in deep water, lifejacket education and finding ways to increase access to lifejackets. NWT residents can be trained on boating safety through the “Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card” course, which is offered by NWT non-profit organizations and tourism operators.

Public awareness campaigns:

Partnerships with campaigns such as National Drowning Prevention Awareness Week and Water Safety Week help to change behaviours to prevent drowning.