Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Brain Injury Prevention: Wear Your Helmet

How do I choose a helmet?

Helmets come in many varieties and sizes. Choose a helmet to match the activity. Bicycle helmets can be used for bicycling, in-line skating and scooter-riding. Skateboarders need a skateboarding helmet.

Multi-sport helmets can be used for more than one activity.

What is the right size of helmet for my child?

Ask your child to try on the helmet and then shake her head from side to side and then nod up and down. A helmet that is the proper size will not move when her head moves. Add the foam padding that comes with the helmet to ensure a snug fit.

What is the proper way to wear a helmet?

Follow the “2V1” rule to make sure your helmet fits right:

  • Two fingers above your eyebrows: The helmet should cover the top of the forehead and should rest about two fingers' width above the eyebrows.
  • Straps form a V under your ears. The side straps should fit snugly around the ears in a "V"shape. The buckles on the side strap should fit right under the ear.
  • Place one finger between the helmet’s strap and the chin. Buckle the chin strap. Tighten it until you can fit only one finger between the strap and the chin.

Visit Parachute Canada’s Website to download the “2V1” bookmark:

Contact your local public health unit or health center for more information on safe cycling and helmets.