Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Fall Prevention

Falls are the most common cause for hospital admissions due to an injury. The good news is that falls can be prevented.

Here are a few facts and tips on preventing falls:

  • Falls are more likely to happen inside your home than outside. It is important to keep your home safe by getting rid of small rugs and clutter. Contact your Community Health Representative or Homecare unit for a home safety check.
  • Keeping active helps to prevent falls. Exercises for better balance and to keep muscles strong can prevent falls. The NWT “Elders in Motion” exercise program helps to prevent falls. Contact your local health center, Homecare program or the NWT Recreation and Parks Association (867-669-8381 or for more information on “Elders in Motion.”
  • Know the side effects of your medications. Some medications can make you dizzy or sleepy, which may cause a fall. Ask a pharmacist, nurse, nurse practitioner or doctor to check your medications.
  • Get your eyes checked. Poor vision is another reason for tripping and falling.

For safety information for older adults, please read the following:

For information on the Elders in Motion program, visit: