Oral Health Care in NWT

Resources for Health Care Providers

You can be the difference

between tooth troubles and optimal oral health.


As someone who provides health care in NWT, you are in the unique position to turn what is sometimes perceived negatively into a huge positive.

Primary health care providers have a unique and powerful role to play in preventing the onset and worsening of early childhood caries (ECC).  In fact, the World Health Organization has listed the involvement of primary care teams as one of 8 key pillars for the prevention and control of cavities in children.

There are some people – adults and children – who have had a bad experience with, are afraid of or even just misunderstand the role of oral health in their lives. You can change that by sharing easy to use, easy to understand information and activities that encourage instead of intimidate. It’s all about the positive!

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For Health Care Providers, there are resources on the OurNTHSSA website on screening and education.