Professional Corporation Licence

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About Professional Corporations

  • The Professional Corporations Act allows health professions to incorporate under certain conditions:
    • the profession must first be designated by regulation;
    • the corporation must be incorporated or registered as an Extra-Territorial Corporation under the Business Corporations Act (contact Corporate Registries, Department of Justice at 867-920-8985);
    • specific rules apply to names of corporations (see Names of Corporations);
    • application is made to the Registrar, Professional Licensing to be issued a permit to practice as a corporation.
  • Professional incorporation is an option for self-employed professionals. Individuals are advised to seek advice from their legal and financial advisors as to whether professional incorporation would be beneficial to them.

Names of Corporations

  • Section 4 of the Governing Body Rules for Health Professions state that the name of the corporation incorporated in the NWT must:
    • include the words “professional corporation” or one of the following terms or abbreviations: Société professionnelle; Prof. Corp.; P.C.; soc. Prof.; or s.p.;
    • describe the services that a member can perform, i.e., medical, dental, etc.;
    • include the member’s last name, where a single member wishes to incorporate; and
    • not be a numbered company.
  • For specific questions on names contact:

Governing Body Rules for Health Professions