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Information on Hepatitis C.
Information on HIV and AIDS.
Information on vaccination.
Information about indoor pests such as bedbugs, beetles and cockroaches.
Influenza is a serious infectious disease that can spread fast through the coughs and sneezes of people who are carrying the influ
Injury Prevention
Unintentional injuries are the greatest threat to the health of children, youth and younger adults in the NWT. Tips for preventing injuries at home and away from home are shown in this section.
Information on future use for Legacy Stanton.
Let’s Talk About Cancer
Information on cancer resources relevant to NWT cancer patients.
Information on how to apply for or renew your LPN licence.
Information on measles.
Information on medical assistance in dying in the NWT.
Information on how to apply for or renew your medical licence.
Information on Medical Travel.
Information on Meningitis.
Information on the new Mental Health Act.
Mental Health First Aid
Mental Health First Aid training gives you the skills you need to make a difference.
The Mental Health Framework will guide us in transforming the NWT mental health system
Information on mental wellness and addiction services available to NWT residents.