NWT Health Care Plan

NWT Health Care Plan

Physician Services

The NWT Health Care Plan covers the cost of medically necessary physician services provided by licensed physicians in Canada and, with limitations, outside Canada. 

You must be registered under the NWT Health Care Plan to receive these services.

Services Covered

  • diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury
  • surgery, including anaesthetic services and surgical assistance where necessary
  • obstetrical care, including prenatal and postnatal care
  • eye examinations, treatment and operations provided by an ophthalmologist 

Other limitations and restrictions may apply.

Services Not Covered

  • yearly physicals
  • cosmetic surgery
  • services that are considered experimental
  • prescription drugs
  • physical examinations done at the request of a third party for such things as: preschool or insurance medicals, food handlers or driver’s license examinations, or obtaining a passport or pre-employment requirements
  • optometric services
  • dental services other than specific procedures related to jaw injury or disease
  • the services of chiropractors, naturopaths, podiatrists, osteopaths, and acupuncture treatments
  • physiotherapy, speech therapy and psychology services received in a facility that is not an insured outpatient facility (hospital)
  • any service to which a resident is entitled under legislation, such as Workers’ Compensation Act, Public Health Act, or other territorial or federal legislation, including treatment of veterans who are entitled to such treatments as a result of service in the Armed Forces

If you are not sure what is covered, or need more information, please contact Health Services Administration.