NWT Health Care Plan

NWT Health Care Plan

Hospital Services

The NWT Health Care Plan covers the cost of medically necessary hospital services, provided at a hospital, on an inpatient or outpatient basis within Canada. 

You must be registered under the NWT Health Care Plan to receive these services.  

Services Covered

  • accommodation and meals at the standard ward care
  • nursing services, when provided by the hospital
  • laboratory, X-ray and diagnostic procedures, and interpretation
  • drugs prescribed by a physician and administered in the hospital
  • use of the operating room, case room, and anaesthetic facilities required for diagnosis and treatment, including necessary equipment and supplies
  • radiotherapy treatment, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy when provided by an insured facility
  • detoxification services in an approved health facility

Other limitations and restrictions may apply.  

Services Not Covered

  • hospital charges above the standard ward rate for private or semi-private accommodation
  • services that are not medically required, such as cosmetic surgery
  • services that are considered experimental
  • ambulance charges (except inter-hospital transfers)
  • dental services, other than specific procedures related to jaw injury or disease
  • alcohol and drug rehabilitation, unless prior approved

If you are not sure what is covered, or need more information, please contact Health Services Administration.