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Information on how to apply for or renew your naturopathic licence.
Information on the NT Pharmacare Formulary
Nutritional information about the most commonly eaten traditional foods and vegetables in the NWT.
Information on NWT family violence shelters.
NWT Health Care Plan
Information on the NWT Health Care Plan.
NWT Health Status Profile
Find information on the health status of NWT residents with a focus on key public health issues.
The Office of the Public Guardian protects the rights and interests of people with disabilities through guardianship.
Information on how to apply for or renew your ophthalmic licence.
Opioid Overdose Prevention
Information on opioids.
Information on how to apply for or renew your optometrist licence.
Information on oral health care.
Birth Information
Ordering a birth certificate.
Information on registering for a death
Ordering a death certificate.
Marriage Information
Information on ordering a marriage certificate
Information on organ and tissue donation for NWT residents.
Travel Insurance
NWT Health Insurance may not cover your out-of-territory medical costs.
Information on who to talk to if you have a health or social service concern or complaint.
Information on personal directives.