Mental Wellness and Addictions Recovery

Facility-Based Addictions Treatment

Did you know that NWT residents have access to several addictions recovery treatment facilities at no charge?


How to access an Addictions Recovery Treatment Facility:

If you or someone you know would like to access a GNWT approved facility based addictions recovery treatment program, we are here to help.

Starting the Process

  • Start this conversation with a professional with whom you feel comfortable. This could be a community counsellor, psychologist, nurse, physician, social worker, addictions counsellor, or counsellor through your Employee Assistance Program.
  • This individual can either help to connect you with a case manager or, in some cases, might become your case manager.
  • Your case manager can support you as you decide whether facility based additions treatment is the right option for you. If so, your case manager will help you begin the application process.

What do I need?

  • Valid NWT Health Care Card
  • Valid ID for travel (government issued photo ID or 2 pieces of government issued non photo ID)

If you do not have these things it will be important to start the process to get them updated as soon as possible. Your case manager can support you in this process if needed.

The Application Process

  1. The first step is to identify which facility is the best fit for you. Your case manager can help you explore your options.

  2. Apply to the treatment facility with the support of your case manager

    • Some things to know:
      • Some facilities require a simple medical examination. You would need to attend a doctor’s appointment with the form provided by the facility for the doctor to complete.
      • In most cases the facility will require a meeting with you as part of the intake process.
      • Once you are accepted into a treatment facility / program, the facility will provide you/your case manager with an Acceptance Letter and an Intake Date.
      • It is important to note that your intake date may not be right away and there could be a wait time.
      • Work with your case manager to develop a support plan while you await your intake date.
  3. Funding and Medical Travel application

    • Your case manager will help you complete a funding application and consent form. These will be sent to the Department along with proof of health care coverage and valid ID.
    • Within 72 hours, the Department will provide approval of funding and arrange for medical travel.

What to Expect at a Treatment Facility

  • Treatment programs range from 5 weeks to 3 months depending on the facility and program.
  • In most cases there are shared accommodations – i.e. two people to a room.
  • In most programs the bulk of the work is done in groups with some additional individual counselling.
  • For more specific information on the facilities’ amenities and requirements please refer to their websites.

Completing Treatment / Returning Home

  • Throughout the treatment process your case manager and facility counsellor will help you to develop an aftercare plan. This plan can include things like where you might live, how you will be supported in your recovery journey, and more when you return home from the treatment program/facility.
  • NWT residents now have access to the EHN Outpatient Services/WAGON App a virtual aftercare program to support them in their recovery. Residents can register for the EHN Wagon program by contacting their local counsellor, by calling 1-866-926-4196, or by booking an aftercare assessment online.