Mental Wellness and Addictions Recovery

Community-Based Supports

Community-based supports include counselling, day programs and group therapy for residents in the community.  Connect with your local Community Counselling Program to find out what supports are available in your community.

Community Counselling Program

The NWT Community Counselling Program provides support to individuals and families with a variety of concerns including mental wellness, addictions recovery and family violence. It is available free-of-charge to every NWT resident, in every region of the NWT.

Band or Hamlet Office

Community wellness is a priority for NWT communities.  Communities have created community wellness plans that will support the goal of improving community health outcomes related to mental health and addictions.  For more information on the community wellness plan in your community, please contact your local Band or Hamlet office. 


If your employer has an Employee Assistance Program, ask for the contact information.

Friends, Family or Religious Organizations

Talk to someone you trust. Share your feelings with them and let them be part of your support circle.

Nurse or Doctor

Your nurse or doctor can talk to you about support options and can help connect you with a mental wellness and addictions recovery service provider.