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Addiction can be defined as continuing to take or use something in spite of the negative impact on your life. Addictions may be to drugs including alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs that change the way people think and feel. Other substances that are commonly abused are nicotine and caffeine. And still other addictions are around activities and compulsive behaviours such as gambling, eating, sexual activity, and computer use.

An easier way to define addiction is the use of the 4 Cs:

  • Loss of control
  • Compulsive use/behaviour,
  • Cravings, and
  • Continued use/behaviour despite increasing negative consequences.

Talking About Addictions

We want to help raise awareness of the signs of addictions and the supports available in the NWT to individuals who are struggling.

We also want to get people talking about this important issue. It affects all of us and we need to work together to find solutions or supports.

Talking about addictions can be difficult. The stigma around addictions may lead people and their families to feel ashamed and to try and hide their problems. People with addictions or substance abuse problems need support and understanding.

Each person is at a different point of addressing addictions in their lives.

If you are struggling with addictions and are ready to make a change, see what services are available for you to choose from:

To learn more about addictions, please read the following:

Parents, you can find resources about how to talk to your children about addictions at: