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Boil Water Advisories
Current and past NWT Boil Water Advisories
Information on breastfeeding.
Information on healthy habits, developing healthy immune systems, immunizations, and COVID-19 recommendations.
Applying for a legal change of name.
Applying for a legal change of name for a child 12 years of age or over.
Applying for a change in sex designation.
Information on chlamydia.
Information on chronic diseases, including prevention and screening.
Information on how to claim an Extended Health Benefit expense from the Specified Disease Conditions, Seniors or Métis Health Benefits Programs.
Information on how climate change can potentially affect your health.
Contact your Community Counsellor
The NWT Community Counselling Program (CCP) offers free counselling support for mental health, addictions and family violence.
Information on the Community Healthy Living Fairs.
World Suicide Prevention Day
This program provides funding for community-based suicide prevention activities in the Northwest Territories (NWT).
This program provides funding for Regional and Community Indigenous Governments, Community Governing Authorities (Band Councils, Métis Locals, Charter Community, or municipal council) and Non-government Indigenous organizations to deliver culturally relevant, community-based options for individuals living with mental health and addictions in the Northwest Territories (NWT).
Community Wellness Initiatives
Information on Community Wellness Initiatives.
Information on community wellness plans.
Information on when and how to complete the NWT Residency Statutory Declaration.
Continuing Care fr
Information on NWT Continuing Care Services, including Home and Community Care; Long Term Care; and Supported Living.