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Information on chronic diseases, including prevention and screening.
Information on how to claim an Extended Health Benefit expense from the Specified Disease Conditions, Seniors or Métis Health Benefits Programs.
Information on how climate change can potentially affect your health.
Information on the Community Healthy Living Fairs.
Community Wellness Initiatives
Information on Community Wellness Initiatives.
Information on community wellness plans.
Information on when and how to complete the NWT Residency Statutory Declaration.
Continuing Care fr
Information on NWT Continuing Care Services, including Home and Community Care; Long Term Care; and Supported Living.
Information on different types of diabetes, including prevention and screening.
Drinking water is strictly regulated in the NWT to ensure it is of good quality and safe for people to drink.
Drop the Pop
The Drop the Pop Campaign encourages students to drink healthy beverages.
Ebola virus disease (EVD) is a severe disease that causes haemorrhagic fever in humans and animals.
Environmental contaminants
Environmental contaminants can be found in wildlife, land, and water.
Environmental Health helps protect human health by addressing issues in the environment that might impact human health.
Information for people experiencing or witnessing family violence.
Information on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
Fish Consumption Guidance
Fish provide important nutrients in our diet and are a good source of nutrition.
Food and Nutrition
Eating a wide variety of healthy foods keeps families healthy and strong. Traditional foods are very healthy and provide a significant variety and amount of nutrients.