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Information on registering for a death
Registering a death in the NWT.
Marriage Information
Registering a marriage in the NWT.
Information on how to register as an NWT Marriage Commissioner, License Issuer or Registered Cleric
Is Your Health Care Card Expiring?
Information on renewing health care card to maintain coverage.
Process for requesting information of child under the care of the Director of Child and Family Services.
Information on steps required to begin using your former surname
Sahtu Glossary Cancer Terminology
This glossary reflects the development of medical terminology, specifically for cancer, for the Sahtu regions.
Services for Persons with Disabilities
Information on available GNWT programs and services for persons with disabilities.
Information on symptoms, prevention, and treatment of skin infections.
Smoking and Tobacco
Tobacco facts, smoking and second-hand smoke, and how to quit.
Information on the new Smoking Control and Reduction Act and Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act.
Information on how to apply for or renew your social worker licence.
Information on how to submit a claim for reimbursement for the cost of insured health services received outside of the NWT.
Suicide Prevention
Information on where to get help in the NWT for individuals thinking about suicide and for people to recognize the warning signs.
Tips for handling and preparing food.
Extended Health Benefits
NWT residents may be eligible for additional health services beyond those covered by the NWT Health Care Plan.
Information on Syphilis.
System Navigator
The HSS System Navigator can assist you with inquiries regarding the delivery of health and social services in the NWT.