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Pertussis, also known as the whooping cough, is a very contagious infection that affects the lungs and airways.
Information on how to apply for or renew your pharmacist licence.
Information on how to register for or renew your professional corporation registration.
Licensing information for health and social services professionals who want to practice in the NWT.
Information for family and caregivers of seniors, seniors experiencing or people witnessing senior abuse and neglect.
Protecting Your Health Information
Find out how the Health Information Act sets out what health service providers can and cannot do with your health information.
Information on how to apply for or renew your psychologist licence.
Information on the CFS Quality Improvement Plan.
Birth Information
Registering the birth of a new born baby in the NWT.
Information on registering for a death
Registering a death in the NWT.
Marriage Information
Registering a marriage in the NWT.
Information on how to register as an NWT Marriage Commissioner, License Issuer or Registered Cleric
Is Your Health Care Card Expiring?
Information on renewing health care card to maintain coverage.
Process for requesting information of child under the care of the Director of Child and Family Services.
Information on steps required to begin using your former surname
Sahtu Glossary Cancer Terminology
This glossary reflects the development of medical terminology, specifically for cancer, for the Sahtu regions.
Services for Persons with Disabilities
Information on available GNWT programs and services for persons with disabilities.